Comic Con Day… uh… 3? 4?

Whatever day it’s been, I do know for sure that I only have to stand on these poor, aching feet from 9:45 to 5 tomorrow, a blissfully short day compared to 9 to 7 today. Busy, busy, busy, lots of fans really loving the games, good signings with a couple authors in the booth, got to see Matt Forbeck again, the author of Mirrorstone’s Knights of the Silver Dragon series. We took him and a few others out to dinner last night and I can happily report that he’s a really great guy who really loves fantasy and telling stories.
Also, today, spent a lovely lunch with and at a really beautiful Thai place a couple blocks from the convention center. (After, of course, the obligatory cell calls including such phrases as “where are you?” and “I’m wearing such and such.” And of course the “Don’t go upstairs.” “Go upstairs? Really? Okay, I’ll go upstairs.” “No, don’t go up the stairs!” Reception in that hall, especially in that crowd, just was just terrible.)
It was nice just to sit down for a while! Bu
t the highlight was getting to pick their brains and to just get to know them a little better. Cecil Castellucci (aka ribinder) has a new book out called Queen of Cool that I’ve been meaning to pick up since it came out, because her characters are geek girls. I highly recommend her first book, Boy Proof, about a girl who is obsessed with a science fiction movie. And Holly Black (blackholly) is the author of Tithe, Valiant, and the Spiderwick series, as well as the forthcoming Ironside. Both authors are smart, funny, and experts in the YA field.
Waiting for room service to arrive now. I realized, happily, that I didn’t have any dinners or parties to go to, so I’m sitting here watching Behind Enemy Lines (I think that’s the name of it…) and getting kind of hungry, putting my feet up, and just relaxing for the first night in days. I’m ready to go home now, thank you. I miss my kitties, too.
This just in:
There are fireworks going off over the marina outside my window! How cool! If I had a tripod, I’d take a picture, but everyone pretty much knows what fireworks look like anyway.