Comic Con so far

And last night was the “preview” night, so that means that the crush of people was “light traffic.” ALA has nothing on this show in sheer numbers.
And did you hear about the power going out in the LA air traffic control tower? Yeah, I was in a plane *over LA* while that occurred. However, we didn’t get the brunt of it. My hotel roommate was on the flight just before me, and they made them land in San Jose, where they sat on the tarmac for two hours. We left a little early, but because of the flying around LA in a holding pattern (thankfully, we had enough fuel), we lost about 15 minutes and I think they said we were the only flight to make it through to San Diego right then. My roommate actually got to SD about an hour after I did, and my flight left two hours later.
Also, I really am loving the Marriott at the marina. They gave us a free upgrade for no reason–bay side view instead of city view, with a balcony. Not that I’m in the room much, but when I am, I have a pretty picture out my window.
So I’m off to get ready for the day, and to hope I can stand on my
feet all day. It’s been quite a while since I have, and it was reeeaaaally hard to get myself out of bed this morning–I’m really sore. Four more days of this! Here’s hoping my body keeps up.