Well, whaddaya know?

Yay! I just discovered there’s a senior corps in Seattle. If anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about, see www.dci.org. This would be great for me–to hang out with local people who also love corps, to get to be involved with local music (may not be great, but at least we’re playing, right?), perform a few times a year, that sort of thing. I think it’ll be a good time.
Brass Attack is very new (March of this year, it started), seems to be very little and only concert, not marching. But I think it would be a good thing to get involved with and get my lip back, just for a hobby/something to do/way to meet local people. They’re performing at the Seattle show tomorrow night.
And what fun that I’m home for the Seattle show! I just found it tonight and it’s tomorrow night. Glad it wasn’t tonight!