I get Friday afternoons off now due to new core hours at work. I was going to go for a bike ride, but it was rainy and oppressive outside, so I was going to work out in the gym, but then I remembered a coworker was having a going-away lunch, so I had to go to that, and by the time it was done, all I wanted to do was just come home and take a nap. So I did.
Woke up about 2 because Mogget, who hates me sleeping, was meowing all over the room. Got up, puttered around the house for a while, kept meaning to go out for a walk but avoiding it because I was sure that the allergies would be in full force out there.
Well, then I realize the source of my kitty’s distress. The automated litterbox I got them (meaning both my cats) about a month ago–NOT a LitterMaid, but a cheap knockoff I was convinced into getting, but which turned out to only be $10 less than the Maxi (premium) LitterMaid…
How did I find out about that price difference?
Because every time my cat got in the box, the litter rake would start raking while the cat was in the box.
No wonder my cat
was freaked out.
So I returned it, deciding to eat the extra $80 I thought the LitterMaid I wanted would cost. Turns out that I’d actually paid $20 over the price I’d been told the first box was, and didn’t pay attention, and that the LitterMaid I wanted was actually $159, not $200 like their quoted price on the website.
$10 difference, and I get a self-cleaning litterbox that actually works. My kitties and I are very, very happy.
I never did go on that walk, though, and now I’m tired again.